Why Organic Lipstick Matters

Traditional lipsticks contain both lead and mercury which can play havoc on our overall health. Think about it, when you put on a lipstick every time you take a drink of water a bit of food, or lick your lips before you speak you could be ingesting lead and mercury into your body. 

Our founder Jasmine has been wanting to develop the first truly organic lipstick for years and was told by so many that it couldn’t be done.  Well, in true Jasmine nature, Essance Skincare is proud to offer the first true organic lipstick free of lead and mercury in five different shades.

Traditional lipsticks can be bad for your health. Many lipsticks contain chemicals like BHA, quaternium-15, diazolidinyl urea, fragrance, and heavy metals. Some of these chemicals can be found on the label. 

What you won’t be able to find out from makeup labels is how much lead is in your lipstick. There are many poisonous heavy metals found in makeup that you will never know about without digging deeper because heavy metals won’t be found on the ingredients label.

Heavy metals are present in the colorings or minerals that are used to make the makeup. They are inherent in some of the raw ingredients that makeup is made from. This means without seeing lab test results you will never know if your lipstick contains an unsafe amount of lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

The Essance Organic Lipsticks come free of synthetic perfumes, petroleum derivatives, and silicones. Our lipstick is highly pigmented and created with good-for-your-body organic botanical butter, oils, and essential oils, and is free of petroleum and toxins so you can feel confident when wearing our lipstick that you won’t be ingesting any toxins while eating or drinking.

Our organic lipsticks are available in five different shades: Sassy Coral, Spicy Bronzette, Amber Noir, Cherry Champagne, and Coco Mouse.  The lipsticks go on smooth and add hydration to your lips instead of dehydrating them like traditional lipsticks.  The color lasts for hours even through eating and drinking. 

If you are making the switch to more health-conscious Green Beauty products, this lipstick is the final piece of your Green Beauty puzzle.  Skin is our largest organ and whatever you are putting on it is being absorbed and in the case of wearing lipstick, ingested into your body. You can eat all of the organic locally grown foods to fuel your body but It’s extremely important that you also take into consideration what skin care products you are putting onto your body. 

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