Transitioning To Fall Skincare

As we inch closer into the Fall season, the temperatures start to dip, and the days grow colder and shorter. While we transition ourselves mentally to another
season, we cannot overlook the weather's impact on our skin. It's essential to protect your skin through seasonal transitions and, most importantly, do your best to keep the effortless summer glow going.

The fall season itself represents change, preservation, protection, balance, and letting go to welcome the new that follows the vital growth of winter.
As we move into fall, we are faced with less daylight which means less vitamin D for the skin. We also begin to feel a chill in the air, and colder temperatures mean drier skin. The bounty of the seasonal summer harvest of green superfoods begins to dwindle, and we feel less apt to consume the appropriate amounts of water.

But as the temperatures cool, we must remember that the health of our skin is not only what we put on it but also what we feed and fuel our body with. Continue to consume your eight glasses of water a day, seek out and consume the green superfoods, get outside, and wear your sunscreen.

To help with the topical care of your skincare routine, here are Jasmine's suggestions for when you are ready to begin transitioning your skincare routine to fall:

Letting Go: Giving your skin a good deep cleaning at the end of Summer is an excellent idea to let go of the old. Perspiration and being outdoors more clogs the pores. A masque followed by a good revitalizing cleansing is the first step. Begin with the Essance Pumpkin Masque; this masque contains various enzymes to soften and break down the dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin cells. After rinsing off, the pumpkin masque welcomes the season.

Change by washing your face with the Essance Revitalizing Cleanser. Our Revitalizing Cleanser is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to activate the skin to purge and restore its natural pH and oil production for a daily natural glow. After patting your face dry with a soft towel,

Balance skin with our Revitalizing Toner. This hydrating and refreshing toner is formulated with a combination of hydrosols, including Rose and Neroli. These two powerhouse botanicals will help balance your mood as well as your skin.
Toning is vital in daily skin care as it helps close pores, adjust the skin's pH, and remove dirt, oil, and residue. A spritz a day keeps the free radicals away!

Preserve with our Revitalizing Serum. All of our outdoor activities in the sun mean it dries the skin, leading to signs of aging like wrinkles and dry skin. Apply vitamin-enriched products to help skin texture is essential when moving into cooler temperatures. The key ingredient in our Revitalizing Serum is Argan oil,
known for its rich omega 6, and 9 essential fatty acids, and other active ingredients, including natural Vitamin E, Squalene, and Beta Carotene. The essential fatty acids in our Revitalizing serum assist with new cell regeneration and increase
collagen and elasticity levels.

Protect with our Revitalizing Moisturizer. The Summer took a lot of moisture out of your skin. Be sure to moisturize all over your body with a good moisturizer, but our facial skin is susceptible to seasonal changes; atmospheric and environmental fluctuations can cause it to become irritated, dry, oily, etc.
The Revitalizing Moisturizer was designed with these transitions in mind to brighten and illuminate the skin.

The change to fall also does not mean that it's time to put the sunscreen into hibernation for the winter;Β sunscreen should also be applied as protection all year long.

Setting aside an evening and taking a little extra time for your skin post-summer will have you glowing again in no time. The skincare routine outlined can be used as your daily fall morning or bedtime routine.

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