We are guaranteed organic, vegan, cruelty free, and do not have parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances/preservatives in our products.

I have tricky skin issues, and I'm not seeing a product that fits me.
We are fully committed fulfilling our customers' unique needs. Please contact us with your specific concerns and we will be happy to work with you to create a custom product. Our Aloe Therapy Creme was born out of this very situation!

Why is aromatherapy beneficial?
Aromatherapy is an intricate synergy of essential oils producing a natural aroma. The essential oils are the life "essence" of the plant derived from its various parts such as the root, bark, twig, cone, needle, fruit (including the rind!), seed, flower, or grass. Our daily diet includes various plants and vegetables that contain essential oils; this intake allows our body to become accustomed to processing the multitude of chemical components in the oils. The oils are phytonutrients with complex biological properties that can energize, calm, boost the immune system, relax muscles, stimulate circulation, detoxify, relieve anxiety, de-stress, and much more. A single oil can contain over a hundred different plant compounds that offer a wide range of multiple healing properties in the same oil. In addition, essential oils are also known to have antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender is a great example of an essential oil that functions effectively to calm, relieve depression and insomnia, relax muscles, heal scars and wounds, treat burns, and reduce infection, etc.

Why is it important for me to use natural and/or organic products for my skin?
The majority of cosmetic products and perfumes are manufactured with synthetic fragrances. These products contain only a small amount of botanical and plant extracts because it is 20x cheaper to produce synthetic fragrance than natural fragrance. Synthetic fragrances have been recognized as common allergens and sensitizers due to the countless chemicals infused in a single formula. An average perfume formula may contain at least a hundred different chemicals. These synthetic chemicals are foreign to our body which make them difficult for the body to process. As a result, these chemicals then form into toxins. The main benefit of synthetic chemicals is stabilization and an extended shelf life. As the product ages, however, its chemical composition will alter (dependent on its exposure to air, light, and water). This alteration can expose additional harmful chemicals to the user and release heavier toxin fumes into the environment. Since the FDA does not require labeling products with synthetic ingredients, beauty companies are free to market their products in a misleading manner. Essance values full transparency which is why we list every single ingredient that goes into our products so you can be informed and educated on what you put on your body.

Where are your products made?
All of our products are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

What is the shelf life of the products?
Product vary with shelf life depending on which product purchased and how it is being stored. When storing properly in cool room temperature, our products are self sustainable for a minimum of 8 months or more.

I am sensitive and allergic to many chemicals, how can I find out what your products are made with?
A: All products are labelled with full disclosure of all the ingredients listing.

How do you ensure the shipment arrive intact?
All Essance shipments are securely packed that will ensure safe delivery, and we've chosen shippers that offer excellent track records.

I'm a beauty blogger who's interested in contributing, do you take submissions?
We are always welcome towards guest bloggers. Please send us an email outlining what you would like to write about.