• Wellness
  • Education
  • Affordable
  • Responsible
  • Safe
  • Essance Skincare, based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in handcrafted herbal, organic, and vegan skincare. Our belief is that natural plant-based products are as essential for skin as organic foods are for our bodies.

    Founded by Jasmine, who learned about Chinese medicine and the healing power of plants from her mother, our skincare journey began after Jasmine's experience working for a skincare company. Her passion led her to research and create unique herbal skincare formulations, featuring ingredients like Chaga Mushroom, Teas, Ginseng, Dragon's Blood, and more.

    Essance's mission is to reconnect you with the clean beauty of our ancestors through eco-friendly products that nourish both your skin and our planet. We meticulously source organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients, ensuring our products are free of artificial color, artificial fragrance, sulfates, and phthalates. Each product is a potent blend of organic and medicinal plant ingredients designed to rejuvenate, heal, and protect your skin.

    We prioritize transparency, providing full ingredient lists on every product. We value the CLEAN CONCEPT:

    • Chemical-safe: Our products list all ingredients, guaranteeing safety for your entire family.
    • Love: We honor our customers' well-being, the wisdom of our ancestors, and our planet.
    • Education: We educate consumers about the potential hazards of hidden chemicals in skincare.
    • Affordability: Our skincare lines are reasonably priced, as we believe quality doesn't always come with a high cost.
    • Natural: Our products are made with ingredients you can trust, with most being at least 80% organic and all being fair trade. We also encourage sustainability through our container recycling program, offering a 15% discount for returned containers to reduce waste.

    Let us Elevate your skincare routine with the goodness of Nature.