Essance prioritizes timeless beauty by reviving, soothing, and illuminating the skin's natural glow with nature's finest ingredients, sourced organically, locally, and sustainably. Proudly offering gender-inclusive products for all generations, Essance approaches skincare with mindfulness towards consumption and production, both in packaging and ingredients. Our product selection includes luxurious moisturizers, serums, hair care, mineral foundations, and lipsticks, all designed to enhance your raw, natural beauty effortlessly.

Essance Skincare was founded by Jasmine Tran in 2011. Jasmine created this clean line of products by blending her experience as a formulator at traditional beauty brands with generational wisdom in plant medicine, to create a modern and timeless skin care and beauty line. Each product is formulated with intention and produced in small batches to ensure freshness and shelf stability.


At Essance, our mission is clear and passionate: to revive the timeless beauty of nature. We firmly believe that, just as organic foods fuel your body, natural, plant-based skincare is vital for your skin's radiance.

Our commitment to eco-conscious practices guides every step, from ethically sourcing organic, fair-trade ingredients to crafting products free from harmful preservatives and additives.

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We embrace the CLEAN CONCEPT:

Chemical-Free: We transparently list all ingredients for you to make the best choice.

Love: Prioritizing your well-being with a connection to ancient wisdom and love for the planet.

Education: Sharing and uncovering hidden chemicals produced in mainstream skincare brands.

Accessible: Quality without the high price; nature's best within reach.

Natural: Trusted ingredients produced from food-grade, organic sources, with fair-trade practices. We also encourage sustainability through our container recycling program, offering a 15% discount for returned containers to reduce waste.

Let us elevate your daily skincare routine with the goodness of Nature.

Discover our luxurious products, including moisturizers, serums, body butters, hair care, and color cosmetics.

We are committed to donating $2 from every order received to Friends of Trees. Join us in our effort to support reforestation for the planet.