All About Essance

  • A Focus on Wellness
  • Affordable
  • Responsible
  • Safe

Essance Skincare is a specialty handcrafted herbal, organic, and vegan skincare company in Portland, Oregon. At Essance Skincare, we believe it is just as essential to nourish our skin with natural plant-based products as it is to feed our bodies natural organic foods. When you look at an Essance product, you will see that it is free of artificial color, artificial fragrance, and harmful sulfates and phthalates. You will notice that each product is a powerhouse of natural and organic ingredients to revitalize, heal, and protect the skin. 

Our founder and creator, Jasmine, was taught at an early age by her mother the benefits and remedies of Chinese medicine based on Yin and Yang energy. In nature, the power of plants, hold not only intrinsic healing properties but topical healing properties as well. Instilled with this knowledge base, Jasmine began to work for a skincare company soon after college. As their project manager she began to learn about different concentrations and formulas found in mass-produced skincare. Jasmine started researching and experimenting in her free time, eventually creating specific herbal skincare formulations with Chaga Mushroom, Teas, Ginseng, and Dragon's Blood that are the basis of the Essance Skincare line we all know and love today.

Every Essance product is handcrafted with a skin-specific formula from Jasmine’s extensive experience in creating skincare products for the masses. Each Essance product is formulated to target a specific problem. Whether your issue relates to dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, or sunburn, there is an Essance product or line to help you. If you are not sure which products can help your particular issue feel free to send us an email, we are happy to help. 

The Essance commitment to you our customer is to source only the best organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients, most of which are sourced right here in Oregon. We promise that you will always know the ingredients in your skincare products because we firmly believe you should be aware of what you are putting on your body. 

Are you ready to explore and discover Essance's products? Locate us at our storefront 9221 SW Barbur Blvd as well as in local New Seasons healthcare aisles and the Hillsboro and Beaverton Farmers Markets.

The beauty of Essance is that we also offer a recycle program for customers to return used containers for 15% discount toward their purchase to help with reducing waste on our planet.

Essance is very practical when it come to research and development. We first begin by seeking to remedy the specific problems our customers face, and then set out upon the search for a natural solution. Every ingredient is researched for its structures, properties, and efficacies. How ingredients combine and react to each others are both a science and an art. Sometime it can take up to a year before a product is released to be sold. The process involved with research, development, micro-testing, viscosity, permeability, stability testing and trial and errors. The final test involved a market group review from random customers, bloggers, aestheticians, medical practitioners, and acquaintances. Once the product has met our standard, it then passed on to the design team. The product is then named, released, and introduce to consumers, farmer markets, retailers locally and beyond– including many New Seasons Market locations.

Our Mission is to focus on the 4 WARS pillar. We believe that spending a few moments each day to take care of your skin is a vital part of your wellness. And so, we have set out to create for you an effortless means of taking care of your skin, your largest organ. It doesn’t take much time to use these products, and when do, you will be rewarded with well-nourished skin.


We know that different ingredients will inspire different moods, and have formulations made to relax you. In fact, using our products can be an experience that is almost meditative. Use our products as a chance to take care of yourself, because when you take care of yourself, you feel better. In that way, a purchase from Essance is an investment in yourself– a moment of wellness.


Essance skincare lines are offered at prices you can feel good about, because we know that higher cost does not always mean greater quality– or satisfaction.


Our products are made of ingredients you can feel good about, most being at least 80% organic– and all being fair trade– so that you can feel good about the way our products are produced.


With all included ingredients listed on each product, you can feel good knowing that you aren’t being exposed to the many potentially dangerous chemicals that fill the bottles on many retailers’ shelves. Our products are safe to use on your entire family.