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At Essance, we believe that spending a few moments each day to take care of your skin is a vital part of your wellness. And so, we have set out to create for you an effortless means of taking care of your skin, your largest organ. It doesn't take much time to use these products, and when do, you will be rewarded with well-nourished skin.

A Focus on Wellness

  • We know that different ingredients will inspire different moods, and have formulations made to relax you. In fact, using our products can be an experience that is almost meditative. Use our products as a chance to take care of yourself, because when you take care of yourself, you feel better. In that way, a purchase from Essance is an investment in yourself-- a moment of wellness.


  • Essance skincare lines are offered at prices you can feel good about, because we know that higher cost does not always mean greater quality-- or satisfaction.


  • Our products are made of ingredients you can feel good about, most being at least 80% organic-- and all being fair trade-- so that you can feel good about the way our products are produced.


  • With all included ingredients listed on each product, you can feel good knowing that you aren't being exposed to the many potentially dangerous chemicals that fill the bottles on many retailers’ shelves. Our products are safe to use on your entire family.