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Raw beauty is possible with natural ingredients.

Handmade so you can feel amazing, loved, and beautiful.

 At Essance, we have your beauty interest at heart by delivering a difference in the way you feel about your skin every day. But what is your path to raw beauty and naked glowing skin? Who know what will work for YOU?

Because our body comprised of over trillions of cells, and the largest organ of the body is the skin; we believe in the intelligence of Mother Nature to nurture us. Mother Nature has the closest correlation to our cell development compare to any formula unnaturally processed in a lab. We leverage in the powerful healing properties of chaga mushroom. This mushroom has the highest amount of super oxide dismutase (S.O.D) antioxidants compared to its relative plants and fruits. It has 14X more S.O.D than the reishi mushroom and 22X higher than the blueberry. Did you know that mushrooms and humans shared similar DNA construct?

That's why we want nature's take on how to care for your skin without compromising your well being. Welcome to Essance!