Which problems do our skin face in the winter, Essance's Guide To Winter Skincare

While you can take care of your body in the winter with cozy knits and warm beverages, Essance is sharing our tips for the perfect winter skin.

Which problems do our skin face in the winter?

Cold winter weather decreases the amount of fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol in our skin. As these form a protective barrier, their loss leads to an increase in Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and general inflammation (read more about that here).

While it is cold, skin oil flows more slowly, which means that it is more likely to get stuck in your pores (aggravated by a slower shedding of dead skin cells) and that your skin loses its natural protective layer. Your skin's protective layer (occlusives) is important though to stop water from evaporating.

To make things even worse, once we turn on the heat to warm the house, the humidity in the air decreases to around 24%, which means that, you guessed it, water is even more likely to evaporate.

Dry, dehydrated, irritated skin that is prone to breakouts.

So what can you do? I am glad you asked… 

Make Gentle A Priority

Choose the gentlest cleanser you own.  Stop using the cleansing brushes, and maybe even consider reducing the cleansing frequency, cleansing only once in the evenings (and once in the mornings).

Exfoliate (But With The Right Stuff)

As I mentioned above, when the weather gets colder, the dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly. But as also mentioned above, the barrier of the skin is already weakened and the skin irritated. Try the Essance Clarifying Cleanser, our Clarifying Cleanser is a creme cleanser designed to gently exfoliate, while balancing the pH, clearing pores, and promoting new cell growth. Our non-drying formula is sulfate-SLS-free. Organic Olive Oil moisturizes and nourishes new skin cells leaving skin radiant.

Layer On Hydration

Just like we layer long sleeves under our thick sweaters it’s important to layer hydrating ingredients on our skin. Working in layers will give your skin time to absorb the products and prevent the thicker products’ heavy feeling on your face.

After washing your face, start with a face spritz of clarifying toner, follow up with the Essance Revitalizing Serum, add another layer of clarifying toner, and then use the clarifying moisturizer on top, filled with humectants and emollients to keep the moisture inside the skin.

Change Your Moisturizer

When the cold has arrived, and you have switched to the thicker duvet, you should also swap your moisturizer. Go from water-based to oil-based for that extra layer of protection. Try our Revitalizing Moisturizer, Our skin is highly sensitive to seasonal changes; atmospheric and environmental fluctuations can cause it to become irritated, dry, oily, etc. This creme was designed with these transitions in mind and will brighten and illuminate the skin.


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