The Health Of Your Skin Is A True Reflection From The Inside Out

Listen, the skin is always talking; but how often do we listen to it? Your skin is an organ constantly evolving throughout your lifetime. It sheds about 40,000 skin cells per minute and renews every 30 days. Because it holds multiple layers to protect the internal organs from pathogens and diseases, it is also the channel communicator for temperature control and pain receptors. What does all this mean? Every cell in the body is a receiver and a transmitter. It can pick up the subtle information in the air, water, sound, and surface that we touch. Now close your eyes, and begin to feel the breeze brushing against your skin and leaving behind the coolness. Notice what sensation it’s sending to you?


Let’s take a closer look at the last four seasons:


Do I feel cold, dry, ashy, itchy, or flaky?


Do I feel itchy, burning, rashy, or flushing? 


Do I feel hot, sweaty, oily, sticky, and irritated?


Do I feel sensitive, itchy, rashy, or puffy?


Those who typically identify with sensitive skin can pick up subtle energy from its epidermis that can translate into heat, cold, and trickling into a tingling sensation. When the skin feels this energy vibrating at a high oscillation, it can feel irritated. Because the skin is ever-changing, you don’t have the same skin as you think you did 30 days ago. As we learn to listen to the subtle changes transmitted from our skin, we can create a regimen that will accommodate the life cycles of the skin's evolution.

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