Six Essance Products To Help With Maskne Breakouts

You're a grown-up and haven't had to deal with acne in many years. However, wearing a mask every day hit, and now you have an acne breakout where your mask has been. Hello, Maskne.ย ย 

Maskne is a particular type of acne that is caused due to long hours of sweat, bacteria from our breath, and dirt collecting in our masks. It appears due to friction and the mask rubbing against your skin continuously. In a way, it's similar to chafing and rug burn, and over time, this puts enough pressure against your skin to cause it to break out. Another cause is occlusion. If your mask is super tight and you're wearing it for long hours, it can trap oil secreted by your pores against your skin, causing breakouts. If the mask irritates your skin, it can cause redness and sensitivity. The irritation is because of the mask's ability to absorb all the natural oils and moisture your skin needs to stay fresh.ย 

Here are a few ways Essance products can help tackle acne that your face mask may cause:

  1. Always wash your face before wearing a mask. It's essential to wear a mask on a clean face because any grime or dirt on your face will get trapped in the mask and cause you to break out or face other skin issues. Use a gentle cleanser on your face first, and make sure you don't over-scrub your skin or exfoliate too hard. Our Revitalizing Cleanser is the perfect product for this job. The revitalizing cleanser's unique blend of ingredients is designed to extract dirt and oil from the skin's surface without over-drying, a typical effect of conventional foaming cleansers. Complete your facial cleansing routine with the Revitalizing Toner.
  2. Use a good moisturizer. You might think wearing a moisturizer on already sensitive or acne-prone skin is a bad idea, but that's far from it. You can use a water-based moisturizer instead of a thick one. You should make sure you choose a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and non-oily. You should wear a moisturizer because it acts as a protective barrier from friction caused by your mask and keeps your skin hydrated at the same time. Optimal skin hydration will stop your skin from over-drying. We recommend Essance's Clarifying moisturizer. Suitable for both face and body application, our clarifying moisturizer has active ingredients designed to balance the skin's natural oil production.
  3. Do a weekly facial mask. Our Charco Organic Mask has activated charcoal which is a natural anti-bacterial. We use activated charcoal to help flush clogged pores of build-up. When dealing with acne-prone skin, our Charco Clay Masque is designed to help keep pores clear by absorbing excess oil and minimizing pore size.
  4. Stop wearing foundation. Considering our faces are covered, for the most part, there is no need to wear foundation as much as we used to before the pandemic. After a sweaty day, the residue from your foundation can turn your mask into the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria and require many more face washes than you would usually go for. If you must wear makeup on your face, try our Organic Aloe Mineral Powder. Organic Aloe Mineral Powders go on silky smooth, providing soft, even coverage. Unlike other makeup or mineral powders, ours are free from pore-clogging ingredients such as bismuth, rice powder, silk powder & lanolin. Other active ingredients help to absorb excess oil to prevent acne breakouts and aid in scar healing.
  5. Wash your mask regularly. Washing your mask is extremely important. It's never a good idea to keep reusing masks that are only meant for one-time use or are meant to be discarded after a few uses. If you have to wear a non-medical mask daily, it's good to invest in good quality reusable masks. Many of these reusable masks come with up to five layers of filtration material, so they can be very effective at stopping you from spreading any sickness to someone else.
  6. Stop using harsh chemicals on your face. Using harsh chemicals on your face that are often present in acne creams like benzoyl peroxide or retinol can cause the creams to react with the bacteria and lead to skin issues. If you have to wear your mask a lot, avoid using these creams while wearing them, or only use them at night when you know you won't be using your face mask.

Maskne and acne, in general, can be quite an irritating skin problem to deal with. Still, if you take the right kind of precautions, you will be able to curb your condition from worsening. Feel free to contact us to talk specifically about your skin concerns.ย 

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