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Essance Dragon’s Blood Toner for Combination Skin

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Essance Natural Skincare's Dragon's Blood Toner, a balancing and clarifying solution designed to moisturize and revitalize your skin. Formulated with a special blend of botanicals, this toner targets breakouts and blemishes caused by bacteria buildup, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Balance and Clarify

Our Dragon's Blood Toner is specially formulated to balance and clarify your skin, helping to regulate sebum production and prevent pore-clogging bacteria buildup. With regular use, you'll notice a visible improvement in the overall clarity and texture of your complexion.

Botanical Power for Healthy Skin

Infused with botanicals like Peppermint and Rosemary, our toner offers a natural solution to combat bacteria growth and regulate oil production. Peppermint helps fight bacteria, while Rosemary works to balance your skin's sebum levels, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Stimulate Repair with Dragon's Blood

At the heart of our formula lies Dragon's Blood, a potent ingredient known for its ability to stimulate skin repair and renewal. This natural resin helps promote healthy skin regeneration, leaving your complexion looking smoother and more radiant with each use.

Ideal for Combination Skin

Our Dragon's Blood Toner is specially formulated for combination skin types, providing the perfect balance of hydration and clarifying properties. Whether you're dealing with oily T-zones or dry patches, this toner offers targeted care to help you achieve a more balanced and radiant complexion.

Experience Refreshed, Revitalized Skin

Experience the refreshing and revitalizing effects of Essance Natural Skincare's Dragon's Blood Toner. With its unique blend of botanicals and skin-loving ingredients, this toner offers gentle yet effective care for your skin, leaving it feeling balanced, clarified, and moisturized. Say goodbye to breakouts and hello to a complexion that radiates health and vitality.

How To Use

After cleansing the face with Essance Dragon’s Blood Cleanser, apply a moderate amount of toner to a cotton ball and gently apply it in an upward circular motion all over the face. Or you can spritz directly onto your face with eyes closed. Follow this daily routine with Essance Dragon’s Blood Moisturizer & Serum for healthier and more youthful skin.


Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol, Organic Orange Blossom (Neroli) Hydrosol, Organic Peppermint Hydrosol, Organic Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Organic Lavender Hydrosol, Wildcrafted Chaga Mushroom Extract, Frankincense Extract, Sangre de Drago Sap, Organic Vegetable Glycerin & Essential Oils: Organic Lemon, Organic Rosemary, Organic Peppermint & Organic Juniper Berry.

Essance Dragon’s Blood Toner for Combination Skin - Shop
Essance Dragon’s Blood Toner for Combination Skin - Shop

Customer Reviews

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This toner is so effective. When I was consistently using it, I had less breakouts.

Jane Fisher
Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

This is so refreshing and firming. One little spray makes my face feel like it's had a spa day.

Caralyn Beauty
Dragon's Blood Toner

Amazing product with high quality of ingredients.

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