The History Behind Our Aloe Therapy Creme

"Breast cancer made me stronger." Kris

In August 2017, Kris had her tumors removed and became breast cancer-free. Many women and men go through a difficult breast cancer treatment journey every day. We know that self-care is essential for cancer patients. Essance Skincare takes pride in being able to assist in healthy self-care through our organic skincare line.

A significant part of our skincare line is creating skincare products that are natural and organic so that anyone can use them. 

Jasmine began to research the Aloe Therapy Body Creme in early 2013 when a Portland Radiologist was seeking a product to recommend to patients undergoing cancer treatment.  The Aloe Creme is carefully designed to soothe and relieve burning sensations, this creme contains aloe and shea butter to nourish and moisturize the skin during the healing process.​ Very soothing for damage or irritation caused by severe weather, burns, eczema & psoriasis.

When we created the Aloe Therapy Body Creme, we wanted to help cancer patients with some side effects they experience with their treatments.  Many patients experience a burning sensation post-treatment, and our Aloe Therapy Body Creme is perfect for battling this sensation. 

We have created our Aloe Therapy Creme that can assist in some of the effects cancer patients may experience from treatment. 



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