Skincare and Sustainability

As we celebrate Earth Day, all of us need to reflect on our impact on the planet and think about ways we can reduce our environmental footprint. For skincare companies, this is an especially important time to acknowledge the impact of their products and practices on the environment and take steps towards sustainability.

At its core, the skincare industry is all about promoting health and beauty. However, this often comes at a cost to the environment. From the use of non-renewable resources in production to the disposal of single-use packaging, there are many ways in which skincare companies can hurt the planet. But it doesn't have to be this way. By taking steps towards sustainability, skincare companies can reduce their environmental impact.

One important way our Essance Skincare team contributes to sustainability is by using sustainable ingredients. This means using ingredients that are organic, non-toxic, and ethically sourced to make our natural products. It means we consider the impact that the production of these ingredients has on the environment and the communities where they are sourced. We realize that many of our products like our shampoo, lotions, cleansers and sunscreen get washed back into our water source. That is why we’re very careful about how they are formulated and the ingredients that go into them. Even though the wastewater goes to a treatment center, all of the pollutants and contaminants can’t always be fully removed by a filter.

(source: NOAA)

Another way for skincare companies to be more sustainable is to reduce waste. This can be done through the use of recyclable materials, reducing the amount of packaging used, and implementing a recycling program for their products. At Essance we repurpose packing filler supplies when we ship our products to you. We use glass containers where possible to reduce the use of plastics and encourage our consumers to reuse the containers or return their empty containers for a 15% discount.

Skincare companies can also support environmental organizations as a way to acknowledge Earth Day. This can be done through partnerships, donations, or even organizing events to raise awareness about environmental issues. At Essance we are a proud member of Green America.

Finally, skincare companies need to educate their consumers on environmental issues and how they can make a difference. This can include providing information on sustainable practices, the impact of certain ingredients, and ways to reduce waste. You can learn more by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page or follow us on social.

At the end of the day, sustainability should be at the core of every skincare company's business model. By taking concrete steps towards reducing their environmental impact, skincare companies can help protect the planet for generations to come while also promoting health and beauty. So this Earth Day, let's all take a moment to reflect on our impact on the planet and think about ways we can make a positive difference.

                            (source: Reader's Digest)

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