Essance Skincare For Winter Skin Conditions

Essance Organic Skincare PDX

It’s been an extremely cold winter here in Portland, which means we have to make sure we’re taking adequate care of our skin. Two of our best products for locking moisture in are the Revitalizing Facial Moisturizer for the face and Aloe Therapy Body Creme for everywhere else. Stay warm and moisturized!

For those who are strapped on time, we’re sharing a quick twice daily routine (morning and night) so you can easily stick to your new year’s resolution of healthy skin.

step 1 / Use a gentle exfoliant such as Essance’s Clarifying Nutrient Cleanser to break down and wash away dead skin cells on your face.

step 2 / Tone, tone, tone! Use an alcohol free toner such as Essance’s Revitalizing Toner to deliver hydration back to your skin cells.

step 3 / Lightly apply a nickel sized amount of moisturizer in an upward motion.


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