Everything You Need To Know About Serum

The unsung hero of skincare comes in a small bottle. Serums are expensive small bottles that promise the world to you. Why am I required to use another product in this already drawn-out skincare routine? At Essance, we get many questions about why we need serums and how we use them. Today we’re going to talk about it!

What Is A Serum?

We have to start this post by answering the number of questions we get about this topic. What the heck even is a serum?! It seems this is a product not many people know much about. Sure we know about our cleansers, our face masks, and moisturizers. But a serum is usually a water-based skin care product that is PACKED with high potency, high efficacy active ingredients. Serums are used after you cleanse and before you moisturize. Why? Because they’re super active ingredients that absorb well into the dermis layer of your skin. That’s the basics.

Benefits Of Using A Serum

There are several great benefits to using a facial serum. Since the serum is water-based and full of tiny, potent molecules of ingredients, it penetrates well into the skin. After you’ve cleansed and toned, your skin is ready to take in some powerful components. After toning is the ideal time to treat skincare concerns before you put on your moisturizer. Moisturizers are there to create a barrier, moisturize, and protect the skin. Not necessarily treat skin care issues or concerns. The purpose of the serum is to treat problems and concerns. 

When you find the RIGHT serum for your skin concerns, you will see fantastic benefits. Whether you’re looking to boost hydration, deal with dark spots or wrinkles, or combat dullness for brighter skin, serums are the answer to these problems. The Essance Revitalizing Serum is great for boosting hydration, whereas our Dragon’s Blood serum is better for combating dark spots and skin inconsistencies. 


If you’ve been using a heavy moisturizer and are still finding your skin to be dry, this is why you need a serum that addresses dry, dehydrated skin. A moisturizer just works on the surface of your skin and doesn’t penetrate and work with the dermis layer as well as a serum can. That said, adding in the Revitalizing serum that can bind water to your skin or even create a protective layer to keep water IN is ideal. 

How Do You Use Serums In Your Skincare Routine

In your skincare routine, universally speaking, a serum is to be used AFTER you’ve cleansed and toned your skin and BEFORE you put on moisturizer. It’s designed to penetrate the skin, and it won’t be able to do that very well if you already have moisturizer on. And it most definitely WON’T do that if you didn’t do an excellent job of cleansing. We always like to say, that your serum is your vitamin, and your moisturizer is the drink of water.

How much do you need? You also only need a little bit. They’re potent. Usually, 1-2 pumps max are pumped directly onto the skin and then pressed into your skin.

Day or night? Depends. Typically though, you’ll use facial serums in the morning. 

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